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You can find your Outseta Id in your custom Outseta domain For example, if your domain is https://sandbox.outseta.com, your Id would be sandbox.

  1. In the navigation, click the ⚙️ icon

  2. In the Outseta Id field, enter your Id

  3. Save the changes

  4. Open the flow you want to secure and add the Outseta node after the start node.

🎉 Congratulations, you successfully secured your flow using Outseta.

The Outseta node does not need to be added after the start node if you would like to perform some logic before performing the authorisation check, this is absolutely fine.

Access User Data

To access data associated with the user making the request, you can use the handlebar expressions e.g. {{request.user.id}}.









account id


account client identifier


is primary


subscription id


plan id


User Token

To access a user token for testing log into your website and run the following code snippet within the console.


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