The building blocks
A flow is made up of nodes. Each node serves a specific purpose: connecting to third-party services, transforming data, performing conditional logic and returning responses.


Each node is given a unique name, e.g. node_1, which can be used to reference its data and/or metadata.
To rename a node click the node's name.
Renaming a node does not update the existing references to the node. We recommend that you name a node before creating references to it.


To open the node's configuration options, click the ⚙️ icon.

Output Data

To view the node's output data, click the ⚙️ icon and expand the output panel.



A node's input connector can be connected to the output of one or more nodes.
The start node does not have an input connector.


A node's output connector can be connected to one node's input.
The logic node has two output connectors.