#️⃣Encode JWT

The Encode JWT node is used to create a JSON Web Token (JWT) from a set of user-specified claims and a secret key. JWT is a standard for creating compact and self-contained tokens that can securely transmit information between parties.



This is the algorithm that is used to sign the JWT.


This is the secret key that is used to sign the JWT.


This is the issuer of the JWT. It is used to specify the entity that issues the JWT.


This is the intended audience for the JWT. It can be a string or a list of strings, and it is used to specify the recipients of the JWT.


This is the expiration time of the JWT. The encoded JWT will contain an 'exp' claim that holds the expiration time.


This is a dictionary containing the claims or the data that needs to be encoded in the JWT. It could contain information such as user id, account, subscription, expiration date, etc.


Returns the encoded JWT.

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